Sunday, February 17, 2013

Now for a (Hopefully!) planned March On Archutella Street ( A East/West street in Alpine City at 4899/4900N that passes by BOTH the Drive-In Theater where a memorial buid will be made AND AlphaWorld Medical Center Alpine City West WHEN BUILT @ 4900N 35E) which I'm HOPING will be in time to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Aurora Theatre Shooting in July

Additionally, a second staging site will be at Madison High School (Located @ 5012N 244E)

Here's how the planned March would work IF it proceeds.....


Marchers would proceed WEST from the school to 218E. From there, the march would proceed SOUTH to West Archuletta Street @ 4900N where marchers would be joined by those marching from the memorial site

From there, marchers would simply march up West Archuletta Street to AlphaWorld Medical Center Alpine City West @ around 4900N 35E


Marchers would simply march up West Archuletta Street to AlphaWorld Medical Center Alpine City West @ around 4900N 35E

When I say "March", I don't mean fly, teleport or warp. I MEAN MARCH - As in MARCH DOWN THE STREET ON THE GROUND !!!

All this in an effort to take a stand against Gun Violence. The event would begin at 4:30 AM VRT on the day of the Anniversary (Use a time converter to convert to your Local Time Zone. WARNING TO U.S.A. users - Plan on burning the Midnight Oil for this one

This could easily be repeated in some form on a MUCH LARGER scale come December when we commemorate the one year Anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT as well

An idea I have would be to march (Again ON THE GROUND) from the FARTHEST NW corner to the FARTHEST SE corner of AlphaWorld (Again for the purpose of taking a stand against Gun Violence)

Thoughts & any other ideas ??

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Planned Crash Neighborhood Improvements

Upon renewal (Hopefully!) next month, my IMMEDIATE plans are to upgrade the area around the Crash Neighborhood by building

1) A NEW Crash Hospital
2) A Physician's Office Building adjacent to the current Crash Hospital
3) A NEW Crash School (With a Sandy Hook Memorial build adjacent to the school across from the jail)

Upon completion of the new hospital & school -
1) The current Crash Hospital will be considered to be another POB & referred to as such (Though it obviously can't be called as such in signage)
2) The current Crash School will be considered to be an Administration Building for the Alpine City Public School District & referred to as such (Though it too obviously can't be called as such in signage)

More later.....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overpass Raising On Existing Highways & New Elevated Highways Going Forward

Yesterday I went into detail about a planned expansion of Highway 95 from Retsmah's road @ 555E all the way out to the Scenic Transport LTD. What I DID NOT mention is HOW new overpasses on this & ALL NEW HIGHWAYS GOING FORWARD will be constructed (Or in the case of Highway 95 - RECONSTRUCTED )

EFFECTIVELY IMMEDIATELY - ALL elevated highways within the Greater Metro Alpine City area with overpasses (Whether roads pass over them or they pass over roads) will be AT LEAST 3 meters in height. This will be to give Ferrucio & the many others who use the Hotep avatar enough head room when passing underneath highways or roads with overpasses)

But instead of needlessly tearing up existing highways & starting over from scratch (That would be too time consuming), what I will do instead is simply raise SECTIONS of the highway by 1 meter or the height of 1 street3.rwx road object (Most existing highways are already 2 meters in height). If the highway needs to be raised EVEN HIGHER than that, then it will be

The project will start with Highway 95 & there is NO deadline as to when the project will be completed citywide

IN ADDITION ALL new elevated highways will be built with this concept in mind HOWEVER it will be confined to highways built WITHIN THE GREATER METRO ALPINE CITY AREA ONLY !!!!! That's because I simply won't have time to fix EVERY SINGLE one I've ever built outside the city so DO NOT BOTHER ASKING !!!!!

That's all the news there is to post for now.....Laters Gators :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Highway 95 (Old Cedar Town Freeway) Planned Expansion

Came to the realization that in order to expand outward from 555E to Intertown Highway 3 (Where the AlphaWorld Train System is), Alpine City needs an expansion. When I look at what can be done with what exists now, I think of what my RL hometown (Denver, CO) has in 6th Avenue (U.S. 6) & Colfax Avenue (U.S. 40)

Since the land on the other side of Retsmah's road at 555E is mine (I'm Lap Bander on AW), I figure there should be no problem with the process. However I have two plans to accomplish this

Plan A is as follows.....

* Keep the existing road WEST of 555E AS IS (A single lane highway in both directions) since there's just too much pre-existing stuff from other cits which simply can't deleted. On top of that, there's also parts of Elm Street (Which is a road I built) & Median Way (Which Cem laid down for some oddball reason & I STUPIDLY expanded east of Retsmah's road at 555E *Embarrassed Look*)

* Add a SIX LANE expansion to the highway (Three lanes in each direction) from 555E to 1000E

* Reduce the six lane highway down to FOUR lanes (Two lanes in each direction) from 1000E all the way out t5o the Scenic Transport LTD (And points beyond if anyone wants to take it over from there)

Plan B is as follows.....

* Keep the existing road WEST of 555E AS IS (A single lane highway in both directions) due to the reasons outlined above

* Add a SIX LANE expansion to the highway (Three lanes in each direction) from 555E all the way out t5o the Scenic Transport LTD

* Reduce the six lane highway down to FOUR lanes (Two lanes in each direction) from the Scenic Transport LTD to points beyond if anyone wants to take it over from there

Now of course the freeway will have to have the name adjusted (No problem) & I have yet to scout the area East of 555E so I know I'm bound to run into a few obtacles along the way which will have to be addressed as I go along (I'm hovering over the area as I post this) so I'll be posting a few follow-ups either here or on Twitter.

You'll also be able to watch live via the official Alpine City channel on Twitch TV as well

Either way, I'll keep you posted :)

EDIT Just finished scouting out the area & quickly discovered a few things.....

* I'm gonna have to swing the highway a bit to the West from as close to Retsmah's road as possible to avoid MY OWN HOUSE on Briarwood *EEK* (I want the highway to be SOUTH of my house :D )

* I'm gonna have to find a way to snake it around the Crash District (This is where the long planned VirtualOne Meemorial Hospital will come in handy :D )

* I'm gonna have to find a way to telegram SparrowKnight to see if he/she can run the highway though his/her build (Which doesnn't cover as much ground where I'm figuring I'll run into it)

* I'll have to get to work building the Hamsterville Boulevard Station for the Scenic Transport LTD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Northern & Eastern Suburban & Rural Expansion To Begin Soon

With the surburbs & rural area on the west side of the city well developed for about 1000 or so meters west of Median Way in NW AlphaWorld & basic infrastructure for future suburban & rural development, I feel it's time to turn to the North & East for suburban & rural development.

Here is the master plan.....

My goal is to find a way to stretch roads out from 1082N (Where most of them are now) all the way out to Intertown Highway 3, where the AlphaWorld monorail system is located. The goal there is to use THAT to develop the monorail/light rail train system which will encircle and (Wherever possible) run through) the city. this replaces the idea of trying to run a line into the city from Blankaborg (Which was a HORRIBLY ill-conceived idea with the number of cities, town as & other builds in between.

Anyhow back on topic, the master plan calls for the northern side to be expanded from 5208N to 5280N in some parts & even further north in others (Sparrow Knight has a huge build which will be incorporated as a suburban section of the city). It will simply depend on how development goes.

Well that's all the news that's fit to virtually print from here. Time to post.....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Building Projects

On the heels of our expansion comes more building projects. They are as follows....

This will be a virtual state-of-the-art Level One Trauma Center for the virtually sick. It will be stratigically located at 4900N 19E and will come with a parking garage (Operated by U-PARK-IT Parking, which also operates the garage adjacent to the baseball stadium in the Cedartown District, which was built by Mudflap before Hamsterville came into being and incorporated as part of the city) and a nursing home/rehab hospital called the EMMA CURTISS HOPKINS ASSISTED LIVING CENTER, which will be across from the hospital on the Southeast side.

This location was picked due to its accessibility and close proximity to NW AlphaWorld in addition to parts of NE AlphaWorld. Patients can also be flown in from more distant places in NE & NW AlphaWorld as well as Southern AlphaWorld if need be.

This will be a regulation 18-hole golf course that would even make some of ones on the PGA Tour look out of style. It will come with more challenges than you can shake a stick at. It will be located at 4957N 621E, right along Briarwood Boulevard.

This will be an airport modeled much like SW City International Airport, but will have the functionality of Broadway World Airport. It is slated to be located about 100 meters south of town on the SW side and will be equipped with MULTIPLE parking garages (All operated by U-PARK-IT parking) and will also serve as THE major transit hub for almost ALL of Northern AlphaWorld.

This project is still quite a ways off (A site hasn't even picked yet). Not sure if the name will remain the same or not. Details on this as they become available.

Finally....To avoid East-West expansion issues in the future, the city will be expanded from 1000E to 2000E. But this won't take place for a little while yet. When it does, it will be mostly to create an Eastern suburban district, which the city desperately needs. Hamsterville already has Northern and Southern suburban districts as well as (albeit via NW AlphaWorld) a rich & well developed Western suburban district in Oboeville, Kamberton & Aceville (All built by Oboe before Hamsterville came into being and incorporated as a part of the city), but has NO Eastern suburban district to speak of. In fact, the only semblance of an "Eastern suburban district" there is between 4850N and 5208N along 1000E are the builds that are along 1000E itself. Anything east of there between 4850N and 5208N is practically devoid of ANY kind of development except for the highway at 1082E.

Not sure just when expansion will begin, but details will be posted as soon as they become availbale.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Expansion Project Construction Begins, Possible New TV Station In Works

Well as promised earlier, construction has begun on the new expanded portion of Hamsterville's East side. Though, due to some builds not previously spotted when the area was scouted, only a few North-South roads will be extended. One of them (Branson Avenue) has already been extended. It now goes from the new Embassy Avenue extension at 5100N 500E all the way to North County Line Road @ 1000E.
Due to this expansion, the handoff between Branson Avenue and Embassy Avenue will be moved from 272E to 500E.

The expansion, however, has caused a shift of the exact location of Hamsterville Ground Zero. The new Hamsterville Ground Zero is now located at AW 5029N 500E. This is because the city's North border has had to be extended from Retsmah's Road @ 5150N to Wayne's Way @ 5208N.

There are a few North-South roads (aside from County Line Road) which were created as a result of blockage of East-West roads or roads which were started by other citizens and extended by me in order to reach from one side of town to the other.

Future plans call for a crosstown freeway to run from the Riverside Expressway SE of Hamsterville to Intertown Highway 55 as it heads towards the 8096 Beltway utilizing part of the newly expanded portion of the city. Train service will also be piped through the Old Cedar Town District via the expanded portion as well. Stations will be stratigically located in areas that are convient, but ARE NOT unreasonably intrusive of Old Town itself (afterall Mudflap *did* build [what we now call Old] Cedar Town, and he can just as easily take it down if he so desires). The City of Hamsterville considers Mudflap A NEIGHBOR JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BUILDER. And WITHOUT YOU - THE BUILDERS IN THE AW COMMUNITY - Hamsterville is NOTHING.

In other news....It looks as though Hamsterville might be getting ANOTHER TV station. This one will, in all likelihood, be on Channel 13 (call letters and location yet to be determined), and will be affiliated with the new Meh! TV Network According to the Meh! TV Network website plans also call for a cable channel to be created. If this is true, officials at VCI (Virtual Cable Inc.) have said that it'll be added to the system once the cable channel officially launches. Stay tuned for more info. on this as more will be posted as we get it.
And that's it for the latest in Hamsterville City News.

Till next time.....